Movement and Meditation
with Alex
Sunday, May 22nd
10:30AM - 11:30AM (1 hour)
Class Is Canceled
This class is suitable for all levels.

This class is focused on grounding and connecting to subtle body energy through a variety of different yogic techniques and ancient Chinese medicine techniques. Together, you will be guided through a 15-20 minute guided meditation centered on cultivating body awareness and a connection to your wise inner resource. This class will also incorporate a tapping segment where we tap on energetic meridian points to stimulate the flow of qi, or prana, throughout the body. Working to restore and cleanse the body of any dense energy will help your mind feel more clear and balanced and your nervous system more regulated. The remainder of the class will include a qi/yoga flow focused on gentle movements and stimulating the breath. If you are interested in deepening or even starting a more meditative authentic movement practice, this class is for you! Individuals who experience anxiety, some disconnection from the body, and a restless mind would also highly benefit from a class like this.

You are encouraged to bring your own mat and props. Mats and props are also available for purchase.
We strongly recommend you register in advance, class size is limited.
Cancellation and no-show policies will be strictly enforced.
There will be no hands on adjustments at this time.
Alex's classes are an extension of her personal practice; filled with love, compassion and acceptance. A safe space to bring all that you are, conscious and unconscious. She approaches each class with curiosity, unconditional love and acceptance. Mindful movement invites us to look inward, revealing the simple truth that everything we need lies within. Alex's teaching style empowers students to find the teacher inside each and every one of us, and serves as a reminder that we have sovereignty over our lives both on and off the mat. This is your life, this is your practice.

Alex is a 200hr certified yoga teacher working toward her 500hr certification as well as a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.
Cancelation Policy
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  • If you have an unlimited membership, and do not show up or cancel less than 4 hours before class you will be assessed a $5 cancelation fee or lose a day of your membership (unlikely, and at the discretion of Greenwood Lake Yoga management).
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  • If you are not checked in 5 minutes before class, your space may be given away to drop in customers waiting for room.
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