Friday, April 5th
7:30AM - 8:30AM (1 hour)
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This is a HOT class. Our Hot classes are 85-90 degrees and available to students 18 and over. There are cooler areas of the room for those sensitive to heat. This class is for all levels but if you are brand new to yoga we recommend taking a beginner class first.

All our hot classes use infrared heat. Infrared is the direct transfer of heat from the heater to the object (you and the room around you) without heating the air in between. It’s the same heat we feel from an environment warmed by the sun, and the wavelength most efficiently absorbed by the body. Infrared heat is known for its therapeutic effects and is typically more comfortable than other heating modalities.

Your own mat and props are encouraged. Mats and props are also available for purchase or to borrow.

We strongly recommend you register in advance, class size is limited.
Arlene Koby is a mama of three, Yoga teacher, and was the owner/lead teacher at SolFull Yoga for over 11 years. She is a devoted student of Yoga and has been practicing for over 30 years.

As an E-RYT teaching for the past 18 years, Arlene has completed two 200hr trainings, and an additional 100hr advanced teacher training with Elena Brower at Virayoga in NYC. She has lead seven 200RYT training programs sharing her passion of teaching with her students. With a strong desire to learn, she continues to educate herself. She traveled on pilgrimage to India with Raghunath in 2016, completed advanced study with Jivamukti founders Sharon Gannon and David Life, has done hours of training with Abbie Galvin of Katonah yoga (the studio NYC) & most recently completed the Anusara bridge program in 2020 through Shree yoga. She is also WPA level 1 certified and has completed the Paddle Fit Core certification and loves combining her love for the water, paddleboarding, and Yoga. Arlene is humbled and honored to share what she has learned though her vast studies.

Her approach to teaching is rooted in authenticity. Her gift is her capacity to work with any level of practitioner with specific, educated, alignment cues. Her goal is for the student to feel comfortable and safe with the body they are in, whether they are rocking a handstand or a child pose.

"Love is the absence of judgement" Compassion first, love always, judgement never.
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